Package ariba.util.shutdown

Interface Summary
ExitHook The implementation of this interface which is registered with the ShutdownManager will be invoked at the end of the shutdown sequence to force the VM to exit.
RecycleIfc The Recycle Interface Classes implementing this interface needs to register with the RecycleManger.
ShutdownDelayer Instances of this interface are invoked during the asynchornous shutdown sequence.
ShutdownManager.ShutdownNotifier This is an interface defined to allow the shutdown manager to callback a notifier just before the actual shutdown.
ShutdownManagerProcessorIfc Interface for the ShutdownManager code to call the ShutdownManagerProcessor.

Class Summary
DefaultVMExit The default behavior for the exiting of VM
RecycleManager This class is responsible for managing the auto recycle process To participate ( control, get notification, etc) in the recycle process participants should implement the RecylceIfc and register with this class.
RequestShutdownDelayer Generic shutdown delayer that allows short running requests to register themselves and delay a shutdown.
ShutdownManager The ShutdownManager is responsible for executing shutdown requests as graceful as possible.

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