Package ariba.util.log Description

Logging Utility classes

See Also:
ariba.util.core, java.util

Interface Summary
AuditLoggerMessage ToDo: javadoc
CustomTag An instance of this interface, attached to a LoggingEvent, will be responsible for generating the "CustomTag" string that is optionally attached to each LoggingEvent.
ExceptionLogContext Allows related cluster roots to provide a logging context that is more usable.

Class Summary
ArchivingAppender This class extends org.apache.log4j.FileAppender to provide archiving support.
AsyncAppender Basically cloned from log4j's AsyncAppender in log4j 1.2.8.
AuditLogger AuditLogger is a special logger implemented to provide a framework for event auditing.
AvoidDuplicateEvents A simple Filter to filter out duplicate log messages so they won't get printed multiple times.
BareLayout Layout whose pattern is only the log message itself: "%m"
ConstrainedDirectory A subclass Directory whose size can be "constrained": methods are provided to purge the contents of the directory until the size is reduced to a specified value in megabytes.
DefaultLayout Simplest Layout you can ever use Used for the DefaultConsole as defined in
ExceptionLogService Service to trap and log exceptions that would otherwise go unhandled
HTMLLayout A version of StandardLayout appropriate for writing to HTML-format log files
Log Log messages are grouped into Loggers which can be turned on and off.
Logger This class provides additional functionality over the Logger class provided in Log4j.
LoggerFactory The simple extension of log4j's LoggerFactory class so that we can create our own ariba.util.log.Logger instead of log4j's Logger insances.
LoggingEvent The internal representation of logging events.
LogManager Helper class with utility methods for creation and access of common appenders, the means to archive log files, and stamdard "lifecycle" methods (setupArguments, processArguments, startup, shutdown, etc.).
LogSuppressor A LogSuppressor will downgrade the level of a log message for all occurrences after the first, for some period of time.
StandardLayout The standard layout for our logging component.
StandardPatternParser This class parses our standard conversion patterns
ZipArchivingAppender This class extends ariba.util.log.ArhivingAppender to provide zipping support.

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