Class LogSuppressor

  extended by ariba.util.log.LogSuppressor

public class LogSuppressor
extends java.lang.Object

A LogSuppressor will downgrade the level of a log message for all occurrences after the first, for some period of time. The effect is to quiet down messages so that readers of the log aren't flooded with repeated high-level log message.

Constructor Summary
LogSuppressor(long suppressTime, org.apache.log4j.Priority suppressLevel)
          Create a LogSuppressor for a particular log message.
Method Summary
 org.apache.log4j.Priority possiblySuppress(org.apache.log4j.Priority eventLevel)
          Possibly change the level of a log event.
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Constructor Detail


public LogSuppressor(long suppressTime,
                     org.apache.log4j.Priority suppressLevel)
Create a LogSuppressor for a particular log message.

suppressTime - - time, in milliseconds, that we suppress a log message after an occurence.
suppressLevel - - the level we suppress the message to
Method Detail


public org.apache.log4j.Priority possiblySuppress(org.apache.log4j.Priority eventLevel)
Possibly change the level of a log event. This message is called on each log event for the given message. It will return the level to use, either the original (if not suppressed) or the suppression level.

eventLevel - - the event about to be logged.
the level that should be used for the event

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