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Input/Output Utility classes

See Also:
ariba.util.log, ariba.util.core, java.util

Interface Summary
CSVConsumer The CSVReader calls through this interface to dispose of the lines that it reads.
CSVErrorHandler Handles CSV format errors found while parsing a CSV record.
TagHandler The TagHandler interface is used by the TaggedStringProcessor class.
TemporaryFileFactory This interface provides isolation to the user from the exact mechanism of generating temporary file names.
TemporaryFileName.ExtrinsicUID Extrinsic UID generator

Class Summary
ARProcess Deprecated. Use
BufferedSort Resource-limited sort The resource limited sort uses a buffer to manage.
CombinedInputStream Is the input stream contained by stream a collection of streams one after another moving to the next one when one is exhausted.
CSVDefaultErrorHandler Default implementation used by CSVReader for handling CSV format errors found while parsing a CSV record.
CSVReader CSVReader parses files in CSV (comma separated values) format.
CSVReaderSelect Read's a CSV file and based on command line arguments, only prints the columns requested.
CSVWriter CSVWriter will stream data to an outputStream or file.
Deserializer FilterInputStream subclass that can deserialize Maps, Lists, arrays, and Strings from an ASCII stream.
DirectoryFilter A filename filter that only returns directories
Exec Runtime.exec made simple
FileHandler This class handles convertions between file byte streams and Unicode character streams, based of a file type.
FileLockManager Maintains a set of files that can be locked exclusively.
FilenameExtensionFilter A FilenameFilter to pick all files that end with a extension (case insensitive match).
FileSort A utility to sort the contents of a file.
Find Tree walker similar to unix find
FirstTokenKeyCSVConsumer The FirstTokenKeyCSVConsumer stores the first token as the key and the vector of tokens as the value in a map specified during the construction of the class.
FormattingSerializer Serializer subclass that formats and indents the ASCII generated by the Serializer.
HTMLTemplateParser An HTMLTemplateParser is a subclass of TemplateParser which processes HTML template files.
IndentWriter This class tracks an indent level to prepend output lines
Mapping Read in mapping file (value, mappedValue) and provide mapping.
MultiOutputStream MultiOutputStream Multiplex over multiple OutputStreams.
MultiPrintWriter MultiPrintWriter Multiplex over multiple streams (NOTE: not over writers).
NullOutputStream NullOutputStream An OutputStream subclass that does not write to any output
Serializer Object subclass that can serialize a fixed set of data types (Dictionaries, arrays, Lists, and Strings) to an ASCII writer.
SerializeUtil Utilities useful for Serialization/Externalization.
StatsInputStream StatsInputStream is an InputStream that keeps track of the number of bytes that have been read in.
StatsOutputStream StatsOutputStream is an OutputStream that keeps track of the number of bytes that have been written.
TaggedStringProcessor A TaggedStringProcessor processes a string that contains "tags", i.e.
TempFile Utility class for creating temporary files.
TemporaryFileFactoryImpl This implementation uses the package to generate temporary file names.
TemporaryFileName Utility methods for creating temporary filenames.
TokenGenerator TokenGenerator is a private class that transform an ASCII byte stream in tokens.
TrueFilter A FilenameFilter that always returns true
UnicodeEscapeInputStreamReader UnicodeEscapeInputStreamReader is a special inputStreamWriter to read from the underlying input stream and convert the data into UnicodeEscaped (Ariba's internal encoding scheme) format.
UnicodeEscapeOutputStreamWriter UnicodeEscapeOutputStreamWriter is a special outputStreamWriter to write UnicodeEscaped (Ariba's internal encoding scheme) data to the underlying output stream.

Exception Summary
DeserializationException Exception signaling an exceptional condition during deserialization.

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