Class FileLockManager

  extended by ariba.util.core.ObjectLockManager
      extended by

public class FileLockManager
extends ObjectLockManager

Maintains a set of files that can be locked exclusively. The lock is actually set on the file's underlying canonical path, not on the File object. Thus, two File objects that reference the same underlying file will resolve to the same lock. If there's an exception when looking up the canonical path, then the underlying uncanonical path is used.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void lock( file)
          Sets a lock on the specified file.
 void unlock( file)
          Releases the lock on the specified file.
Methods inherited from class ariba.util.core.ObjectLockManager
lock, unlock
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Constructor Detail


public FileLockManager()
Method Detail


public void lock( file)
Sets a lock on the specified file.

file - - the file to lock


public void unlock( file)
Releases the lock on the specified file.

file - - the file lock should be released

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