Interface CSVConsumer

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AWTCSVDataSource, CSVReaderSelect, FirstTokenKeyCSVConsumer, Mapping

public interface CSVConsumer

The CSVReader calls through this interface to dispose of the lines that it reads. CSVReader was originally written so that the method called back was in a subclass. As a transition step, CSVReader itself implements this interface so that subclasses can be the consumer.

Method Summary
 void consumeLineOfTokens(java.lang.String path, int lineNumber, java.util.List line)
          Called once per CSV line read.

Method Detail


void consumeLineOfTokens(java.lang.String path,
                         int lineNumber,
                         java.util.List line)
Called once per CSV line read.

path - the CSV source file
lineNumber - the current line being reported, 1-based.
line - a List of tokens parsed from a one line in the file

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