Package ariba.util.i18n Description

Internationalization Utility Classes. This package provides locale based utilities such as getting encoding strings, doing normalizations, etc.

See Also:
ariba.util.core, java.util

Interface Summary
LocalizedJavaString.Localizer A Localizer knows how to return a localized string given the key and class name.
LocalizedJavaString.LocalizerWithSourceOfTruthLocale A Localizer knows how to return a localized string given the key and class name.
LocalizedStringInterface This is an extremely powerful concept, a universal source of multi-locale string data.

Class Summary
CJKSupport Class CJKSupport is the support class for languages that has Chinese characters, namely, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, whose suport class should extend this class.
I18NConstants Class I18NConstants contains all public constants used by I18N.
I18NEncodingConstants This is generated from the AddLanguage Tool.
I18NEncodingUtil This is generated by the addlanguage tool.
I18NSupport Class I18NSupport is the default class for i18n support, it contains the default implementation of i18n support.
I18NUtil Class I18NUtil provides I18N related constants and utility functions
LocaleSupport Class LocaleSupport provides functions for I18N, include getting encoding string, normalize text, etc.
LocalizedJavaString Class LocalizedJavaString provides a way to strings in Java classes that should be localized.
MergedStringLocalizer String localizer that fetches strings from the Resource Service.
Support_el default i18n for Greek
Support_hu default i18n for Hungarian
Support_iw default i18n for Hebrew
Support_ja Support class for Japanese.
Support_ko Support class for Korean.
Support_pl default i18n for Polish
Support_ro default i18n for Romanian
Support_ru default i18n for Hebrew
Support_tr default i18n for Turkish
Support_zh_CN Support class for Simplified Chinese.
Support_zh_HK Support class for Traditional Chinese.
Support_zh_TW Support class for Traditional Chinese.

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