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public static interface LocalizedJavaString.LocalizerWithSourceOfTruthLocale
extends LocalizedJavaString.Localizer

A Localizer knows how to return a localized string given the key and class name. A LocalizerWithSourceOfTruthLocale also knows how to return the source of truth locale in which the original string was composed.

Method Summary
 java.util.Locale getSourceOfTruthLocale(java.lang.String className, java.lang.String key)
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Method Detail


java.util.Locale getSourceOfTruthLocale(java.lang.String className,
                                        java.lang.String key)
className - name of the class in which the string is created.
key - unique key for the string within that classes
Locale which is the "source of truth" for this localized/multiLocale/multiLingual string. This has also been known as the "OriginalLocale", and as the BaseLocale. It is the source of truth for translating this string into other locales. For a LocalizedJavaString, if the registered Localizer doesn't implement this extended interface, Locale.US will be used as the source of truth. For a MultiLocaleString it is the OriginalLocale, and for a MultiLingualString it is probably the default locale of the realm/partition.

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