Package ariba.util.http.multitab

Interface Summary
MultiTabHandler Handler for Serving multi-tab request.
MultiTabSupport This interface defines a new functionality for MultiTab support.
RequestProcessor Helper callback interface that let us bridge different logic with our Ariba Servlet.

Class Summary
MultiTabHandler.RequestInfo A wrapper object that contains the data needed to process multitab request
MultiTabSupport.Instance This is replacement of the AWApplication supposed to hold current instance of MultiTabSupport.
MultiTabUtil Since now we are sharing the same behavior across two different applications we need to extract common static method calls into this class
NoMultiTabSupport This is dummy implementation for the multitab.

Exception Summary
MaximumTabExceededException exception raised when we run out of tabs
MultiTabHandler.MultiTabException Generic MultiTabException.
UnexpectedTabException exception raised when something goes wrong, treat as default tab

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