Class FieldValue_Extensible

  extended by ariba.util.core.ClassExtension
      extended by ariba.util.fieldvalue.FieldValue
          extended by ariba.util.fieldvalue.FieldValue_Object
              extended by ariba.util.fieldvalue.FieldValue_Extensible
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class FieldValue_Extensible
extends FieldValue_Object

FieldValue_Extensible provides an implementation of the FieldValue interface for the Extensible interface. Clasess which implement the Extensible interface allow for named fields to be added dynamically to their instances. These fields are managed in a hashtable. The FieldValue_Extensible implementation uses this hashtable as an optional place to locate fields after we have failed to find the desired field in the usual way.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 FieldValueAccessor createAccessor(java.lang.Object target, java.lang.String fieldName, int type)
          Creates and returns a new FieldValueAccessor (by default, a ReflectionFieldValueAccessor) for the given target and fieldName.
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Constructor Detail


public FieldValue_Extensible()
Method Detail


public FieldValueAccessor createAccessor(java.lang.Object target,
                                         java.lang.String fieldName,
                                         int type)
Description copied from class: FieldValue_Object
Creates and returns a new FieldValueAccessor (by default, a ReflectionFieldValueAccessor) for the given target and fieldName. No caching is done by this method. This method is designed to be overridden by subclasses of FieldValue_Object which want to define their own specialized accessors. Note that the target is passed rather than its class so that accessors can be created at a finer granularity than class. Certain meta-data driven classes require this flexibility.

createAccessor in class FieldValue_Object
target - the object for which the accessor will be created
fieldName - the name of the field for which the accessor will be created
type - the type of accessor will be created (either FieldValue.Setter or FieldValue.Getter)
a new FieldValueAccessor (ReflectionFieldValueAccessor by default)

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