Package ariba.util.expr

Interface Summary
ClassResolver This interface defines an object that will resolve a class from a string and a ognl context table.
MemberAccess This interface provides a hook for preparing for accessing members of objects.
MethodAccessor This interface defines methods for callinig methods in a target object.
Node JJTree interface for AST nodes, as modified to handle the AribaExpr operations getValue and setValue.
NullHandler Interface for handling null results from Chains.
PropertyAccessor This interface defines methods for setting and getting a property from a target object.
TypeConverter Interface for accessing the type conversion facilities within a context.

Class Summary
AribaExprEvaluator Factory for Expr-based expressions
ClassNameToFirstParameterAdapter Takes care of getting the first argument from the methodInfo and passing that during runtime based on the annotation.
DefaultClassResolver Default class resolution.
DefaultMemberAccess This class provides methods for setting up and restoring access in a Field.
DefaultTypeConverter Default type conversion.
DynamicSubscript This class has predefined instances that stand for special "dynamic subscripts" for getting at the first, middle, or last elements of a list.
EnumerationIterator Object that implements Iterator from an Enumeration
Evaluation An Evaluation is and object that holds a node being evaluated and the source from which that node will take extract its value.
Expr This class provides static methods for parsing and interpreting AribaExpr expressions.
ExprContext This class defines the execution context for an AribaExpr expression
ExprInvokePermission BasicPermission subclass that defines a permission token for invoking methods within Expr.
ExprOps This is an abstract class with static methods that define the operations of AribaExpr.
ExprRuntime This is an abstract class with static methods that define runtime caching information in AribaExpr.
IntHashMap A Map that uses ints as the keys.
IteratorEnumeration Maps an Iterator to an Enumeration
ObjectIndexedPropertyDescriptor PropertyDescriptor subclass that describes an indexed set of read/write methods to get a property.
ObjectMethodAccessor Implementation of PropertyAccessor that uses reflection on the target object's class to find a field or a pair of set/get methods with the given property name.
ObjectNullHandler Implementation of NullHandler that returns null in all cases, so that NullPointerException will be thrown by the caller.

Exception Summary
ExpressionSyntaxException Exception thrown if a malformed OGNL expression is encountered.
ExprException Superclass for Expr exceptions, incorporating an optional encapsulated exception.
InappropriateExpressionException Exception thrown if an OGNL expression is evaluated in the wrong context; the usual case is when an expression that does not end in a property reference is passed to setValue.
MethodFailedException Exception thrown if a method or constructor call fails.
NoSuchPropertyException Exception thrown if a property is attempted to be extracted from an object that does not have such a property.

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