Interface Target

All Known Implementing Classes:
BufferPool, ByteBufferPool, CharBufferPool, SelfCleaningPool

public interface Target

Interface enabling a generalized object request framework. Objects need to ask other objects to perform certain actions. It may not be feasible, however, for the sender to know the exact message to send to the target object at compile time. With the Target interface, the sender does not have to know anything about the target except that it implements the Target interface. The string command describes the action that the target should perform, with the arbitrary datum data. For example, when pressed, a Button needs to ask some object to perform a specific action. Rather than subclass Button to connect it to a specific method in a specific class, Button sends its messages to a Target instance, passing a string command (set as appropriate) and itself as the object.

Method Summary
 void performCommand(java.lang.String command, java.lang.Object data)
          Tells the target to perform the command command, using datum data.

Method Detail


void performCommand(java.lang.String command,
                    java.lang.Object data)
Tells the target to perform the command command, using datum data.

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