Interface StringTableProcessor

All Known Implementing Classes:
AWMergedStringLocalizer, MergedStringLocalizer

public interface StringTableProcessor

The StringCSVProcessor is callback for ResourceSerivce to process string tables. We need the interface because there are two different styles of string table. 1. Buyer style: created by developer. ex ariba.html.fieldsui.csv. They have three columns, the first column is the key, the second column is the localized strings and last one comment. 2. AribaWeb style: created by localize script. the strings are extracted from awl file and java files. These files have 5 columns. column 1 is the component name, column 2 the key inside this component, column 3 the english string, column is the localized string. column 5 comment.

Method Summary
 StringCSVConsumer createStringCSVConsumer( url, boolean displayWarning)
          create a csv consumer.
 java.lang.Object defaultValueIfNullStringTable(java.lang.Object key)
 void mergeStringTables(java.util.Map dest, java.util.Map source)
          Merge string map read from different directories.

Method Detail


StringCSVConsumer createStringCSVConsumer( url,
                                          boolean displayWarning)
create a csv consumer.

url - location of csv file
displayWarning - flag that indicates whether warning should be displayed for errors


void mergeStringTables(java.util.Map dest,
                       java.util.Map source)
Merge string map read from different directories.

dest - destination map
source - source map


java.lang.Object defaultValueIfNullStringTable(java.lang.Object key)

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