Class FileOutputStreamHolder

  extended by ariba.util.core.FileOutputStreamHolder
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class FileOutputStreamHolder
extends java.lang.Object
implements OutputStreamHolder

Constructor Summary
FileOutputStreamHolder( file)
Method Summary getOutputStream()
          Returns an OutputStream.
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Constructor Detail


public FileOutputStreamHolder( file)
Method Detail


public getOutputStream()
Description copied from interface: OutputStreamHolder
Returns an OutputStream.

No guarantee is offered as to whether this is a new stream on whatever the underlying resource is or whether the same stream handle may be returned from multiple calls to this method. However, a typical scenario would be that an instance of this interface would only be available to one client and that client would use it once. The semantics are left intentionally weak to allow different types of use of this interface.

Important note: The obligation is on the caller to close the returned stream when he is finished with it.

Specified by:
getOutputStream in interface OutputStreamHolder
Throws: - if an exception occurs while creating or opening the stream

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