Class CharBufferPool

  extended by ariba.util.core.SelfCleaningPool<T>
      extended by ariba.util.core.BufferPool<java.nio.CharBuffer>
          extended by ariba.util.core.CharBufferPool
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CharBufferPool
extends BufferPool<java.nio.CharBuffer>

This class implements a self cleaning pool of CharBuffers, each wrapped around a char array of the configured buffer length. Superclass get() and release(CharBuffer) methods can be used to allocate and release CharBuffers from the pool. CharBuffers are allocated on demand, and released to the garbage collector after 10 minutes without use, unless the superclass setIdleTimeoutSeconds method is called to change the timeout. If there is a leak and release is not called to return a CharBuffer after use, it will still be released from the pool after 10 minutes, and thus will become available to the garbage collector.

Nested Class Summary
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Constructor Summary
CharBufferPool(int bufferLength)
Method Summary
 java.nio.CharBuffer get()
          Returns an instance of the resource T.
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Constructor Detail


public CharBufferPool(int bufferLength)
Method Detail


public java.nio.CharBuffer get()
Description copied from class: SelfCleaningPool
Returns an instance of the resource T. Synchronizes on this instance for thread safety while calling internal methods to do the work. Never returns null.

get in class SelfCleaningPool<java.nio.CharBuffer>

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