Package ariba.ui.servletadaptor Description

Adaptor classes to marry aribaweb with the javax.servlet APIs.

Since AribaWeb is designed to be independent of the java servlet APIs (so that it can be used in alternative environments) this servletadaptor package is necessary to provide concrete implementations of abstract aribaweb classes such as AWBaseRequest and AWBaseResponse that adapt AW to servlet containers.

Note: AWServletApplication can / should serve as the base class for most application-specific application subclasses, and includes overridable defaults for settings such as the resourceUrl and the resourceFilePath() (which determine how where resources in jars/wars are located at how they are referenced in generated URLs).

Class Summary
AWAribaWeb This class allows for usage of the AribaWeb framework without an app server running.
AWServletApplication An AWApplication for javax.servlet-based applications.
AWServletRequest An @{Link ariba.ui.aribaweb.core.AWRequest} wrapping around HttpServletRequest.
AWServletResponse An @{link ariba.ui.aribaweb.core.AWResponse} that ultimately writes its data to an HttpServletResponse.

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