Class Loader

  extended by ariba.ui.meta.persistence.Loader

public class Loader
extends java.lang.Object

CSV Data loader. Enable loading data into a cluster of classes from a group of inner-dependent load files. Load file resources identify their classes and fields through naming convention. E.g.: loads/ariba.appcore.User.csv -- Load for User class name, email,, ... -- Column names denote field names. Relationship field dotted paths identify join key loads/ariba.appore.User-memberOf.csv -- Load of User -> Group many-to-many relationship ("-memberOf" denotes toMany field being loaded) name, -- unprefixed names are lookup keys for the root class, prefixed names are lookup keys for the destination Dependent load handling - Loads are automatically ordered based on class dependencies - in one-to-many, one goes first - Upserts are used, so missing objects on foreign key references are created and then filled in later Data Formatting - parsing of data fields is handled using *formatters* looked up via metaui

Nested Class Summary
 class Loader.Load
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static java.util.List<> findLoads(AWMultiLocaleResourceManager resourceManager, java.lang.String prefix)
 void prepareAllLoads(AWMultiLocaleResourceManager resourceManager, java.lang.String prefix)
 Loader.Load prepareLoad( csvUrl)
 void runLoads()
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Constructor Detail


public Loader()
Method Detail


public static java.util.List<> findLoads(AWMultiLocaleResourceManager resourceManager,
                                                     java.lang.String prefix)


public void prepareAllLoads(AWMultiLocaleResourceManager resourceManager,
                            java.lang.String prefix)


public Loader.Load prepareLoad( csvUrl)


public void runLoads()

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