Renders an <img ../> tag into the outgoing html along with appropriate attributes. If the filename attribute is provided, AWImage will automatically compute the width and height from the image file it locates under the application resource directories. The url generated is controlled by the AWResourceManager's url specification for the directory in which the image is found, but generally, the url's generated are directed at the webserver and not back into the application server.


The relative path of the image file, including the suffix (eg filename="widg/banner.gif"). This will be used to lookup the actual path of the image via the resourceManager, so localized images are supported automatically.


If the width is provided it will be used in preference to the automatically computed width (determined from the image file). It is strongly advised not to define this attribute as it is likely to get out of sync with the imge's actual width. Only in the case of cleardot.gif does it make sense to provide a width.


If this binding is set then we will always generate the full URL for the image, even if direct connect is on for the application.


If the height is provided it will be used in preference to the automatically computed height (determined from the image file). It is strongly advised not to define this attribute as it is likely to get out of sync with the imge's actual height. Only in the case of cleardot.gif does it make sense to provide a height.


Defines the image's border attribute. Since borders are generally undesirable, the default is 0, which disables the browser's default behavior of displaying a broder when an image is within a hyperlink.


Provides the images title attribute. If the title is not defined but the alt attribute is defined, the value for alt is used for the title and alt.


Provides the images alt attribute. If the alt is not defined but the title attribute is defined, the value for title is used for the title and alt. If the title and alt is not specified, then the default is empty string.


Arbitrary key/value pairs may be passed-through to the <img.../> tag. Most common html components also allow for this.


The src attribute passed through to img tag.


Class AWImage

  extended by ariba.ui.aribaweb.util.AWBaseObject
      extended by ariba.ui.aribaweb.core.AWComponent
          extended by ariba.ui.aribaweb.html.AWBaseImage
              extended by ariba.ui.aribaweb.html.AWImage
All Implemented Interfaces:
AWCycleable, AWCycleableReference, AWResponseGenerating, AWResponseGenerating.ResponseSubstitution, AWObject

public class AWImage
extends AWBaseImage

subclassed by ariba/common/template/customer/AribaImage

Nested Class Summary
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AWComponent.RenderingFilter, AWComponent.RenderingListener
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 AWElement determineInstance(java.lang.String elementName, java.util.Map bindingsHashtable, java.lang.String templateName, int lineNumber)
static void registerStaticImageName(java.lang.String imageName)
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alt, height, imageUrl, imageUrl, imageUrl, supportedBindingNames, width
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Constructor Detail


public AWImage()
Method Detail


public static void registerStaticImageName(java.lang.String imageName)


public AWElement determineInstance(java.lang.String elementName,
                                   java.util.Map bindingsHashtable,
                                   java.lang.String templateName,
                                   int lineNumber)
Specified by:
determineInstance in interface AWCycleableReference
determineInstance in class AWComponent

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