Provides for a standard HTML checkbox.

There are three types of AWCheckbox, a form checkbox, a refresh form checkbox, and an action checkbox.

A form checkbox is used retrieve/display values in a form. In the case of a form checkbox, the "value" binding is read/set. The actual value read/set is determined by the "type" binding as described below.

A refresh form checkbox is used in the same way as a form checkbox. In addition, when the value of the checkbox is changed, the form in which the checkbox resides is immediately submitted and the page is refreshed. Note that this behavior is different from an ActionCheckbox in since the form value is pushed via the "value" binding during applyValues()

An action checkbox is used to invoke an action when the checkbox state changes (checked to unchecked or vice versa) using the "action" binding. The action checkbox does not act like a "regular" form value in that a) the value of the checkbox is set via the "checked" binding b) the "checked" binding is set during invokeAction c) the value of the checked binding is NOT set (changed) if the enclosing form is submitted via another controller in the form


Determines the datatype used when reading / setting the "value" binding. "boolean" -- true (checked) / false (unchecked) "int" -- 1 (checked) / 0 (unchecked) "number" -- Integer(1) (checked) / Integer(0) (unchecked)


Read / set if the checkbox is not an "action" checkbox. See "type" binding for appropriate values.

Should be used rather than checked except if an "action" is defined.


This binding is read / set when this is an action checkbox. Reads / sets a boolean value -- true (checked) / flase (unchecked). The AWCheckbox is an action checkbox if there is an action binding or if isRefresh binding is set to true.

Should only be used if an "action" is defined. Should not be used at concurrently with "value" binding.


If true, and action or refresh is set, does not maintain its own checked/unchecked state but refreshes it from the "checked" binding passed in. If false, only inquires the "checked" binding upon initialization, then maintains the state itself.


You should not use this onClick binding, rather, you should use the "action" binding and, if necessary, binding it to $null (if all you want to do is to submit the form and you do not care to handle an action).


Causes the checkbox to submit the enclosing form on change. NOTE that this is NOT the equivalent to setting action binding to $null. See Overview for additional information.


Action to invoke when the value of the checkbox changes. Causes the AWCheckbox to behave as an action checkbox.


Allows the checkbox to be disabled.


Not recommended. Allows you to override the system generated name.


For Winrunner and LoadRunner


Class AWCheckbox

  extended by ariba.ui.aribaweb.util.AWBaseObject
      extended by ariba.ui.aribaweb.core.AWComponent
          extended by ariba.ui.aribaweb.html.AWCheckbox
All Implemented Interfaces:
AWCycleable, AWCycleableReference, AWResponseGenerating, AWResponseGenerating.ResponseSubstitution, AWObject

public class AWCheckbox
extends AWComponent

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AWComponent.RenderingFilter, AWComponent.RenderingListener
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.lang.String checkedString()
 java.lang.String disabledString()
 boolean getChecked()
 boolean hasAction()
 java.lang.String onClick()
 void setChecked(boolean flag)
 void setFormValue(java.lang.String formValue)
 java.lang.String[] supportedBindingNames()
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Field Detail


public boolean _isDisabled
Constructor Detail


public AWCheckbox()
Method Detail


public java.lang.String[] supportedBindingNames()
supportedBindingNames in class AWComponent


public boolean hasAction()


public boolean getChecked()


public void setChecked(boolean flag)


public void setFormValue(java.lang.String formValue)


public java.lang.String checkedString()


public java.lang.String disabledString()


public java.lang.String onClick()

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