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AribaWeb Screencasts

Seeing is believing...

Getting Started

See how quickly you can get going with AribaWeb. Covers installation, browsing online examples and doc, and kicking off the creation of a new application.

Building a GuestBook (with IDEA)

Learn how to use various AW widgets to build a snappy GuestBook application. Hightlights using the AribaWeb IntelliJ IDEA plugin to accellerate development. For instuctions on setting up IDEA for AW development, watch this short video.

Rich Widgets and AJAX Integration

Part of what makes developing applications in AW so fast and fun is the rich set of bundled widgets. This screencast demonstrates some those widgets, including Pivot Tables, Flash Charts, a Rich Text editor, a YouTube browser, and Google Maps integration.

MetaUI Live Editing

AribaWeb's (beta) MetaUI Live Editor enables drag and drop editing from *within* your live application user interface! See how a vanilla MetaUI-JPA application is rapidly tailored through dragging of fields, applying traits from menus, and even assigning simple visibility and validity expressions.

Building a Real App in 20 Mins

See how the full AW stack, including MetaUI and the new "AppCore" framework enable building a complete email-integrated bug tracking application (with user auth, text search, ...) in just 20 minutes. See how AribaWeb projects can take 100x less code that their equivalent in other frameworks.

Auto-AJAX Explained

Auto-AJAX is AribaWeb's ability to deliver an AJAX user experience to your users, while allowing you to code in a simple server-side-only programming model (with no hand-coded JavaScript). See how AW's approach differs from traditional AJAX coding, and witness just how easy it is to create an AW resuable component with AJAX behavior.

Building a Database application with MetaUI

AribaWeb's (alpha) MetaUI-JPA framework combine the UI creation power of MetaUI with the POJO-to-Database power of Hibernate 3 and its JPA persistence support. This short screencast demonstrates building full database application from the ground up, purely by defining domain objects with a few annotations.

MetaUI in Detail

MetaUI is AribaWeb's powerful framework for automatically deriving full-function user interfaces from your domain Java classes (and any additional annotations and rules you provide). This demonstration takes you step by step through taking a simple "User" object and building a multi-faceted user interface for it using MetaUI. Logo