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AribaWeb makes creating compelling, professional-grade web applications fast and fun.

AribaWeb enables the creation of rich, highly interactive business applications with far less coding effort than alternative web application development frameworks. Among the key attributes that set AribaWeb apart:

AribaWeb AutoAJAX

Auto AJAX!

Today's users demand a highly interactive, rich user experience from their web applications. To date, this challenge has been met primarily through AJAX, but implementing AJAX typically involves the extensive (and expensive) hand-coding of brittle client-side JavaScript code. With Auto AJAX, AribaWeb completely changes the game and dramatically alters the cost equation: AJAX user interfaces -- complete with drag and drop, incremental page refresh, type ahead choosers, etc -- are produced automatically, without requiring the application developer to perform any client-side scripting.

AribaWeb Instant App

Instant App

Business applications typically consist of hundreds of user interface screens built to support the creation, editing, search and inspection of the "business objects" that encode the business functionality. In most frameworks, the user interface developer must create and maintain user interface code for each of these screens. AribaWeb's "Instant App" technology eliminates the need for this code. In fact, given only a set of UI-agnostic Java or Groovy domain classes, AribaWeb can apply rules to the available meta-data and instantly derive a fully functional application, all without a single line of application UI code. This all part of the AribaWeb declarative programming model that delivers More app with Way Less Code.

AribaWeb Live Edit & X-Ray

Live Edit & X-Ray

AribaWeb's focus on developer productivity is further evidenced through its Live Edit and X-Ray capabilities. Developers use X-Ray to "see through" running application UIs, getting visibility to the active hierarchy of components behind the scenes. Further, with Live Edit, developers can use drag and drop to alter the UI layout and property sheets to tweak rules right in the browser. All changes take immediate effect in the live application.

The same holds true for edits to source code. With Rapid Turnaround, edits to UI templates (.awl), metaui rules (.oss), as well as Java or Groovy source files are reloaded automatically, without a disruptive server restart.

AribaWeb Proven Full Stack

Proven Full Stack

The AribaWeb distribution provides a full stack for the development of database-based business applications, including a deep library of Rich Widgets (forms, pivot tables, charts, rich text editors, etc.) as well as bindings to a bundled Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) database framework, and supports deployment in a variety of J2EE environments. And AribaWeb is Enterprise Proven technology. Now in its fifth major release, AribaWeb has been included by Ariba as a critical component of its market-leading Spend Management solutions and Network Services for nearly a decade. AribaWeb is used daily by millions of users at more than a thousand of the world's largest enterprises, and has been part of over one trillion dollars of business-to-business electronic commerce.


Rich Widgets

In addition to core control constructs and dynamic wrappers for core HTML tags, AribaWeb includes a full complement of higher-level widgets, from tab sets, client-side panels, wizards, and page wrappers, to buttons, choosers, and menus, all the way to scrolling, sorting data tables, tree tables, pivot tables, flash charts and a rich text editor.

In addition, AW provides a rich validation framework that makes specifying validation easy (and often automatic) and provides users easy navigation of any errors on the page.

And all of this automatically get the benefits of "Auto AJAX"...


Traditionally, even with the best client-side JavaScript libraries, writing AJAX applications can be complex and error prone; developers are usually forced to deal with two languages (Java and JavaScript) and two programming models (one server-side one client-side).

AribaWeb changes this equation. In AribaWeb, you program with a singe simple, declarative, server-side programming model, and AribaWeb automatically provides AJAX behavior. AribaWeb provides AJAX-style incremental page refresh through a unique mechanism called Refresh Regions. Essentially, your app processes a user action as if it were rendering a full new page in response, and then AW figures out which parts of the response differ from the current browser document and sends only those changes.

In addition to refresh regions, many AribaWeb widgets (Choosers, scrolling tables, rich text editors) are JavaScript enhanced, so you get the benefits of rich AJAX controls without ever writing (or maintaining) a line of JavaScript.

Bonus: AribaWeb also comprehensively solves the browser back button problem!

Enterprise Proven

AribaWeb has been deployed to literally millions of users for nearly 10 years. AribaWeb is at the heart of every application in Ariba's Spend Management solutions and Network services -- market leading web application used by hundreds of the largest corporations around the world, both deployed behind their firewalls and hosted at scale as a multi-tenant "On Demand" service. (See the AribaWeb release history).

AribaWeb has been designed from the ground up for enterprise-grade security. AW's server encapsulated state model ensures that links cannot be tampered to gain access content not already intentionally exposed to the current user.

Full Stack

AribaWeb pre-integrates a complete, best of breed, stack for building database applications:

  • The AribaWeb Core provides the core engine for request handling, component handling, and AJAX UI. It builds on The efficient Ariba Util "FieldValue" property binding facility, and includes the OGNL-derived AribaExpr expression parser.

  • The Widgets framework includes hundreds of pre-built components, as well as wrappers around some excellent third part controls, including the Xinha rich text editor, and the Fusion Charts Free charting package.

  • The MetaUI framework provides the technical underpinning for "Instant App": MetaUI includes a CSS-like rule engine that take rules inferred from Java class introspection, annotations, and explicit ".oss" rule files, and on the fly selects the best configuration of AW Components to produce a UI for any context.

  • The MetaUI JPA Adapter bridges MetaUI with Hibernate and the Apache Lucene-based Compass search framework. (Other ORM frameworks can be used as well).

  • AW further includes a complete Ant-based build framework (which reduces app build files to just a few lines) and bundles the Apache Tomcat Java Servlet container. (AW is, of course, compatible with other servlet containers as well).

This stack is carefully modularized -- your apps can consume as much or as little of the complete as you need -- but having it bundled and pre-integrated in a single download ensures that you can get up and running without the endless configuration and component version dependency hassles all too common with other solutions.

Way Less Code

AribaWeb is designed with the principal that less is more: less boilerplate, less configuration, less rote coding, more functionality, more maintainability, more fun. AW minimizes the code required to express your applications through:

  • A rich component model for nested, repeated, stateful or stateless components that supports extensive factoring of reusable code
  • An extensive library of versatile pre-built components that means that most of what you need has already been written (and tested) for you
  • Declarative binding for input, output, and actions that means you'll never write code to process form values or generate a URL
  • Inferred configuration that means you just author your components; the configuration is implied
  • AW's Meta Data Driven UI that can derive forms, data tables, action menus, or even a complete application purely from your domain object model.


With traditional tools, getting your arms around a large web application can be chore. AribaWeb substantially eases this burden with Component Inspector, an integrated, in-process development tool that provides an x-ray view through your running application. You'll never again need hunt for the source of some element you see in the UI.

And, whether it's a component identified in Component Inspector, or (heaven forbid) a line number listed in an exception stack trace, with AribaWeb's IDE Integration you're always just one mouse-click away from editing the file.

Rapid Turnaround

UI development is most fun when you can rapidly try out alternative ideas. With AribaWeb, whether you're editing your component template (.awl file), or your Java or Groovy source file, AW will automatically spot the change, compile (if necessary) and reload your changes, all without restarting your server or even losing your session (and no IDE is required).

AW further increase productivity through its IDE Integration -- whereever a component appears in an exception stack trace or in Component Inspector it's a clickable link that will automatically direct your Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA IDE directly to your target.

Get it now!

Latest Release: v5.2 (12/23/2013)

  • New components and enhancements
  • Security fixes
  • JBoss support
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