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Getting Started With AribaWeb

(AribaWeb README file, November 2008)


AribaWeb is a component-oriented framework for building web application user interfaces. The AW distribution includes both the (relatively) low-level core rendering and request handling framework (ariba.aribaweb) as well as a higher level library of ui components (ariba.widgets, ariba.metaui, ...)

Intended Audience

Presently documentation and tutorials are limited. This situation will be remedied soon. Until then, if you don't already know how to use AribaWeb, you may get discouraged if you don't have access to an experienced AW user.

Version 5.0b6 (BETA)

Although most of the libraries in this distribution has been incorporated in a variety of Ariba commercial application releases over as many as 9 years, this is its first release in OpenSource form and there are, therefore, likely issues that will arise from its use in non-Ariba contexts. Also, the documentation is not ready for release and the metaui (and especially metaui-jpa) layers are new. As such, we're calling it beta for the time being... (That said, the majority of aribaweb and widgets APIs are likely to be very stable from here foreward)

Running Examples

0 See online video tutorial: Getting Started

  1. Install the Java5 or Java6 JDK (

    set your JAVA_HOME I.e.: export JAVA_HOME="d:/jdk1.5"

  2. Double-click in aribaweb/bin directory on start

  3. Wait a minute or so and the Demo will open automatically in your browser (your browser should open to http://localhost:9080/Demo/AribaWeb)

  4. See src/BUILD.txt for more instructions on building and debugging

Building your Own App

Getting started with a new application is easy! See CreatingNewApp.

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