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Distribution Contents

Distribution Contents

Shipped Directories

  • lib/ The aribaweb jars, plus, in ext-*, third-party libraries for runtime, build time, and demo

  • src/ Source code for the AribaWeb jars

  • examples/ A few examples of using AribaWeb

  • tools/ Files used by the AW (Ant-based) build system, plus bundled copies of Ant (1.7.1) and Tomcat (6.0.x)

  • bin/ Shell scripts and groovy scripts, including the start and aw scripts, there to get you going quickly.

  • ide/ Contains the aribawebIdeaPlugin.jar, ariba.ideplugin.eclipse.5.0RC1.jar -- plug-ins for two popular Java IDEs

Generated Directories

  • build/ derived source, compilied .class files, and computed app-local catalina-base directories
  • webapps/ WAR files for AW sample/demo applications (fully self-contained, with jars and resources)
  • conf/ A copy of the CATALINA_HOME (Tomcat) conf directory. Putting a copy here allows tomcat to run directly on this install (without moving files into your default CATALINA_HOME/BASE)

Lib Details:

  • ariba.util.jar

    Low-level utility classes used by the other AW components. Includes logging, collection wrappers, performance metric and debugging tracing utilities, as well as "ClassExtension" and "FieldValue" support for AOP-like external class extension, and JavaBeans-like high-performance property access.

  • ariba.aribaweb.jar

    The core AribaWeb framework. Includes servlet adaptors to bind AW into a container, the AWComponent and AWElement hierarchy, template parser, and built-in tags for control flow (AWIf, AWFor, etc) as well as HTML constructs (AWTextField, AWPopup, ...) as well at the client-side javascript libraries to deliver an AJAX user experience (incremental refresh, drag/drop, ...)

    Note: this jar contains webserver resources in docroot/** that need to be copied to any application deployment WAR file.

  • ariba.widgets.jar

    Higher level UI components for building AribaWeb applications. Includes:

    • Layout components (*PageWrapper, TabSet, SectionHead/Body, PortletWrapper)
    • Controls (PopupMenu, Chooser, Calendar)
    • Rich DataTable, PivotTable and Tree/Outline support
    • Validation display / navigation UI (ErrorFlag, ...)
    • Wizard framework (multi-step UIs) Several of these controls provide a rich user interface via associated client-side JavaScript libraries (e.g. type-ahead choosers, scrolling and dynamic data retrieval in tables).

    Note: this jar contains webserver resources in docroot/** that need to be copied to any application deployment WAR file.

  • ariba.expr.jar

    A simple expression parser/interpreter that can be used in AW tag bindings and metaui property definitions. Based originally on OGNL code, but with a more Java/Groovy-inspired syntax and using ariba.util.fieldvalue for high-performance property access. (Also supports interfaces for type-safe validation of restricted subsets of APIs exposed for business application end-user scripting)

  • ariba.metaui.jar

    Meta-data driven UI framework, built on the full AribaWeb stack for generating complete user interfaces "on the fly" based on various sources of meta data (java class introspection, annotations, and ".oss" files). Uses CSS-like "multi-dimensional selectors" to contextually specify properties. Currently supports generating forms (with validation), tables, as well as global application navigation (e.g. nav tabs) and Action (global and instance-level)

  • ariba.groovyloader

    Integration between AribaWeb and the Groovy scripting language. Supports rapid-turnaround on edits to .groovy source files, and the embedding of groovy source code in .awl files via the groovy tag.

Src/ Details

  • BUILD.txt

    Read this for instructions on how to build the AribaWeb distribution from source

  • util, aribaweb, widgets, expr, metaui, groovyloader/

    Correspond to the above-described jars

  • build.xml

    Ant build files. Each source sub-directory has a build.xml file that references shared build rules in the build-support directory

  • examples/

    Contains a few simple AW sample applications:

    • GuestBook/ A single-component "Guest Book" mini app (see Main.{awl, java})
    • Demo/ A demo application that includes:
      • the "SearchSource" documentation / source code search a browse mini-app
      • selected "widget gallery" examples (DataTables, PivotTables, ...)
      • MetaUI forms example
      • Master detail mini app (with panels, etc)

This software is covered under the Apache License Version 2.0 (see LICENSE.txt) Logo