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Meta UI- JPA

Part IV. MetaUI-JPA Database Apps

NOTE: This document is a placeholder: more will be coming soon

AribaWeb Stack: MetaUI-JPA App Is the section we'll introduce the MetaUI-JPA framework. MetaUI-JPA completes AribaWeb's "InstantApp" capability by marrying the ability of MetaUI to generate rich user interfaces based on class metadata with the Java Persistence API (JPA)'s ability to persist annotated java classes. MetaUI-JPA itself is a quite thin "adaptor layer" between the two frameworks.

Where do we go from here?

NOTE: This document is incomplete: more will be coming soon

The "by example" section of this document is forthcoming. In the meanwhile, your best way to explore MetaUI is:

  1. Watch the screencasts:

  2. Check out the source code for the examples, taking special note of each annotation, and the .oss files:

    • examples/MasterDetail
    • examples/AtIssue
  3. Use Component Inspector on the examples

    • Make sure to select the "meta" link and walk up and down the stack of components, taking a look at the components involved (e.g. MetaSearch, MetaDetailTable) Logo