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You can always read the source code, but documentation has its place!

Quick Start

There are a few short guides to help you get started:

  • Getting Started explains installation and getting the examples running.

  • Creating a New App details the small number of steps required to create a new app and get it running.

  • Setting up IDE Integration describes how to configure your Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA IDEA for optimal AW development productivity.

AribaWeb by Example

The AribaWeb by example guide introduces the key concepts of each layer of the AribaWeb stack while building a simple example application. Start with the Introduction to the AribaWeb Stack to learn the role of the major components of the AW stack. The move on to the chapters on the AribaWeb Core and Widgets frameworks.

API Documentation

Check out the API Documentation. AW Supports "enriched JavaDoc" for all UI components: in addition the the Java-level API documentation, most UI components detail their bindings, named content areas, etc.

Examples and Screencasts

The best way to learn AW is to:

  1. Watch the screencasts (there are loads of them, and many go into great detail)
  2. Check out the included examples

The "Demo" app (which you can start simply by clicking on bin/start in the AW distribution) contains many examples. Make sure to turn on Component Inspector as you click through -- then you can "X-ray" in on the code behind what you're seeing.

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