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Creating a New Application

AribaWeb includes new project templates that make getting started with your first application quite easy.

Online Video Tutorials

- Getting Started - Building a GuestBook - [Setting up IntelliJ IDEA] (

Before Getting Started

  1. Open a shell window (e.g. Windows cygwin/MKS window, or MacOS X / Linux Terminal)

  2. Make sure that you have the bin directory of you aribaweb installation in your PATH. e.g. if you unpacked AW in your home directory:

    export PATH="~/aribaweb-5.0b6/bin:$PATH"

Creating a Widgets App

Let's say we want to create a simple, one page, "guest book" sample.

  1. First, change your current working directory to where you'd like to put your new project.

    cd ~/projects
  2. Now we'll run the AW create-project command to create our project from a template

    % aw create-project
  3. At the prompts, choose the "Basic Widgets Application" and enter reasonable values for the application name ("GuestBook") and source code package ("app")

    Please choose a template from among the following:
        [1] Basic AribaWeb/Widgets Application
               A starter template for a basic (non-database)
               AribaWeb application that uses the Widgets library.
    Selection [1]:
    Enter name/path for your project (directory) [MyApp]:
    Java package to use for your AW components/pages [app]:
  4. cd into your new project and run it

    cd GuestBook
    aw ant launch

The browser will automatically open and connect to your app.

  1. Check out the source code in your IDE / Text editor of choice.

    • app/Main.awl is the AW template for the main page

    • app/ is the corresponding component definition

    • build.xml is your build files. Note that it includes a parent build file from your AW installation (the AW_HOME environment varaible is being set for you by the "aw" command that you used to run Ant

  2. Try out moditfications to the files

    • add some basic HTML to the .awl file and refresh the page in your browser Logo